Walking around West Lake

We decided to walk from our flat on Tran Phu, around West Lake and back. A distance of approximately 17 kilometers. Roads and paths go all the way around West Lake so it was a fairly pleasant walk, although sadly quite a lot of dog dropping dodging due to Vietnamese owners not picking up after their dogs… Temples abound – we passed 14! A typical Hanoi winter’s day – grey and about 13 degrees.

2 kms from our flat and we've reached the lake - water hyacinths and old boats - now floating bars

A flock of rather antiquated paddling/pedalling swans

Chu Van An School - the first school set up by the French for the Vietnamese in 1908

Still a long way to go!

Lots of fisherman - I saw one turn up on a vintage Vespa so I'm not so sure that they are poverty stricken - fishing as much for fun (or getting out of the house at Tet... ) as for food.

The detritus of Tet - Why I wouldn't eat a fish caught in West Lake!

Chua Van Nien - one of the many temples we passed - unusually colourful figurines protected by glass boxes

Colourful propaganda posters line the roads - Uncle Ho still features heavily

Dragon sculptures at 7.5 kilometers - Tala - sadly for you it is the year of the dragon - not the dog!

Eerie view from the far end of West Lake - approximately 9 kilometers done!

A ruined temple with beautiful aged colouring on the bat motif - Thien Thai rd off Xuan Dieu

The Hanoi Citadel at night - now dark - 4 hours later - 16 kilometers completed - almost home!