Monthly Archive: January, 2012

Walking around West Lake

We decided to walk from our flat on Tran Phu, around West Lake and back. A distance of approximately 17 kilometers. Roads and paths go all the way around West Lake so it… Continue reading

The Lunar New Year

Chaos at the Hanoi Flower Market at Tet

Usually the flower market is only really happening in the very early morning before dawn. In the days before Tet it becomes a hive of activity around the clock as everyone descends on… Continue reading

The Hidden Citadel

Entrance at 19 Hoang Dieu, just behind the Army Museum (not yet in Lonely planet…) Recently opened for Hanoi’s 1000th anniversary, the area has served as the capital and centre of power on… Continue reading

Flora for Tet – The Vietnamese New Year

Hanoi is a hive of activity in the build up to Tet – the Vietnamese Lunar New Year, which begins on Monday the 23rd of January. ┬áIt is the most important holiday of… Continue reading

Smog-less vistas and foie gras

Sadly, Tala couldn’t fly back to Europe for just two weeks so we left her in the hands of our very capable maid, Thuy, who stayed in our flat with her. Tala was… Continue reading

An evening walk with the hound

Hue – Imperial Capital from 1802-1945

We made a very brief trip down to Hue while my parents were visiting in December. The Hound stayed in Hanoi, although I have begun plotting how I might bring her on internal… Continue reading