Monthly Archive: October, 2011

Detritus of War

The Army Museum – 28A Dien Bien Phu (Closed Monday and Fridays and at lunch from 11:30-1:00) After walking or jogging past the museum almost everyday, we finally managed to visit on a… Continue reading

Vietnamese and their dogs

Some Vietnamese do eat dogs. Dog restaurants and butchers are frequent enough that I have seen them on multiple occasions. The butchers are particularly grim as whole carcasses lie out with exposed fangs… Continue reading

Bia Hoi Bullying

A quiet Sunday afternoon at a Bia Hoi (local beer hall). Hungry we attempted to navigate the menu… Crispy duck with sesame – completely edible and rather yummy if happy for the seeds… Continue reading

A street dog in Hanoi

After formerly looking down her nose at street dogs in Khartoum (despite her own hazy origins), Tala has taken to spending much of her time lounging around on pavements here in Hanoi. The… Continue reading

Leaving Khartoum

When we found out we were being posted to Hanoi there was initially quite a bit of apprehension – what were we going to do about our puppy? Most advice was very negative… Continue reading