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Happy Birthday Tala!

Today is Tala’s fifth birthday. In five years, the hound has accompanied us to four continents (Africa, Asia, Europe, and South America) and is with us in Quito, Ecuador – more about that soon.… Continue reading

The fastest dog in Hanoi

Two weekends ago Tala competed in her first ever timed 10k race. While she didn’t win (probably more to do with her running partner – me – than her), she was the fastest… Continue reading

Rolleiflex Redux

Digital technology has revolutionised the way that people approach photography in the last decade or so. Millions of people who would probably have never bothered with the faff of physical film now click… Continue reading

Hound around Hanoi

Walks around Hanoi with the hound in Autumn – mostly involving lounging in the sun, scaring children and being scared by free range chickens….

Portrait of a Nubian Hound

Tala the Nubian Hound – she’s come a long way from the streets of Khartoum…. Posing for the camera using the ‘tennis ball technique’ courtesy of Glennskii. He has three amazing whippets in… Continue reading

An evening walk with the hound

Vietnamese and their dogs

Some Vietnamese do eat dogs. Dog restaurants and butchers are frequent enough that I have seen them on multiple occasions. The butchers are particularly grim as whole carcasses lie out with exposed fangs… Continue reading