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Climbing Rucu Pichincha – our local volcano

Rucu Pichincha, ‘Rucu’ meaning old man in Kichwa, looms 4,700m over downtown Quito – a constant reminder that we’re high up in the Andes now. Even Quito is 2,800 meters above sea level. The… Continue reading

The Audi British Polo Cup – Quito 2015

Two weekends ago was the final of the Audi British Polo Cup. The final was a gripping game between ‘London’ (with one English player – Harold Hodges) and ‘Rio Blanco’ a young Ecuadorian team… Continue reading

Wonderful Wildflowers of the Altai Mountains and Hustai National Park

Horse Races and the last days in the Altai Mountains

First thing in the morning we headed up through the larch forests, across some meadows and into a beautiful alpine valley dotted with wildflowers such as gentians and pansies. When it got steeper… Continue reading

Great Gallops

We awoke to a beautiful cloudless day on one tree plain. Although we had about 40km to cover, at least we (and more importantly the horses) knew we were going ‘home’ or rather… Continue reading

Blizzards, Kazakh tombs, and One Tree Plain

Man eating camels and a wolf? The Altai Tavan Bogd by horseback – Day 1 and 2

After a long journey by car to the Altai Tavan Bogd National Park (photos here), we were finally ready to start our trip to the Potanin Glacier by horseback. The first set back… Continue reading

On the remote road to the far west of Mongolia

Finally, after a 24 hour delay in Ulaan Baatar and then another six-hour wait in the airport, we were on our way to Olgii town in Bayan-Olgii Province. It is the furthest west… Continue reading

Tam Dao Hill Station

Taking advantage of the sunshine and the Reunification Day long weekend while my father was visiting, we drove two hours out of Hanoi up to the nearest hills in Tam Dao National Park.… Continue reading