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Malamutian Chariots

As a follow up to Tala’s husky hunting the other weekend¬†we returned this weekend purposefully late and just managed to catch them leaving en masse.

Morning Husky Hunting in Lenin Park

One of the surprisingly lucky things about Tala is that she loves sleeping in on the weekends. She doesn’t usually want to go out until at least 10 o’clock (incredibly convenient as we… Continue reading

Young Flamenco Dancers in Lenin Park

Hanoi is full of unexpected sights, which is why I always try to carry a camera. ¬†Last Tuesday a young group of dancers were putting on a performance in the larger Lenin Park.… Continue reading

The Booming Hanoi Dog Scene

Times are changing in Hanoi and the growing middle classes are going dog crazy. This is all the more remarkable because until 1984 it was illegal to own a dog as a pet.… Continue reading

A Sunset Walk to West Lake

A Saturday walk up to West Lake passing Lenin Park and Ho Chi Minh’s Mausoleum.