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Canicross in Quito

Quito is not only a wonderful place to be active and outdoorsy for people, but also for dogs. The parks are full of dogs of all breeds and owners seem to be more… Continue reading

Help a Nubian Hound win!

Dear followers – I need your help choosing a photo please! For the last two years, I have entered photographs of Tala for the Kennel Club ‘Dog Photographer of the Year Competition’. I figure it’s worth… Continue reading

Beach walks on the Isle of Man

After living in crowded Hanoi for three years, a city of five million, I had thought that the hound might suffer from agoraphobia when she arrived on the Isle of Man with a… Continue reading

A Surreal Sight – A Dane in Dar

Will and Eko’s recent post here about Penny’s (the new pup) encounter with a couple of Great Danes reminded me of a rather surreal moment while eating breakfast the morning after the wedding in… Continue reading

In Pursuit of Comfort (and Cashmere)

While I’ve been busy doing quite a bit of running recently, in preparation for the half marathon in Cambodia, the hound has been slightly less active…. She loves to run, but most of… Continue reading

Other hounds around Hanoi

I realized that I have accumulated quite a collection of Vietnamese and their dogs, as well as rather comedy dogs without their owners around town. Of course there a few photos of Tala… Continue reading

Hanoi’s First Dog Show

Hanoi hosted its first ever dog show last weekend.  The show was still in a very nascent phase and perhaps would be best described as a dog fair/get together, although it is still… Continue reading

Morning Husky Hunting in Lenin Park

One of the surprisingly lucky things about Tala is that she loves sleeping in on the weekends. She doesn’t usually want to go out until at least 10 o’clock (incredibly convenient as we… Continue reading

The Phu Quoc Ridgeback Dog

Last weekend we travelled down to Phu Quoc Island again. Photos from last year and more information about the wonderful Mango Bay ecolodge are here. This time I was on a mission to try… Continue reading

Hanoi’s Doggy Dark Side

I’ve written in the past about the booming Hanoi dog scene and how many affluent Hanoians are really getting into non-Asian breeds. The ones I see most frequently are Siberian Huskies, Miniature Pinschers, Cocker… Continue reading