Blizzards, Kazakh tombs, and One Tree Plain

Man eating camels and a wolf? The Altai Tavan Bogd by horseback – Day 1 and 2

After a long journey by car to the Altai Tavan Bogd National Park (photos here), we were finally ready to start our trip to the Potanin Glacier by horseback. The first set back… Continue reading

On the remote road to the far west of Mongolia

Finally, after a 24 hour delay in Ulaan Baatar and then another six-hour wait in the airport, we were on our way to Olgii town in Bayan-Olgii Province. It is the furthest west… Continue reading

Ulaan Baatar – ‘Red Hero’

After two flights from Hanoi via Seoul we finally landed in Ulaan Baatar where we would meet up with friends to continue our journey to the remote far west of Mongolia (next post).

Sau Season in Hanoi

By the beginning of June the Sau trees (Dracontomelon) that line many of Hanoi’s streets are covered in marble sized, hard, green fruit. The glut doesn’t last long however – troupes of illegal… Continue reading

Colorful blooms signal the end of the Vietnamese school year

The Isle of Man in the spring sun

A few weeks ago we paid a far too brief trip to the Isle of Man, where my parents live. After a long and horrible winter, we were lucky to catch the sun… Continue reading

Hanoi’s First Dog Show

Hanoi hosted its first ever dog show last weekend.  The show was still in a very nascent phase and perhaps would be best described as a dog fair/get together, although it is still… Continue reading

Malamutian Chariots

As a follow up to Tala’s husky hunting the other weekend we returned this weekend purposefully late and just managed to catch them leaving en masse.

Tran Phu Street: A Vietnamese Neighborhood

Tran Phu St runs westwards from the edge of Hanoi’s old quarter for just under a mile. Although not a long street, it has much of the bustle and variety that makes Hanoi… Continue reading