The Luang Prabang Half Marathon

On October 5th Luang Prabang, Laos hosted its first half marathon: La Procession. All the money raised went towards Friends International’s program in Laos which is working to protect and empower youths in… Continue reading

Other hounds around Hanoi

I realized that I have accumulated quite a collection of Vietnamese and their dogs, as well as rather comedy dogs without their owners around town. Of course there a few photos of Tala… Continue reading

Vietnam mourns the death of General Vo Nguyen Giap

Last week General Vo Nguyen Giap passed away at the age of 102. His funeral and the  outpouring of public deference and remembrance leading up to it has only been surpassed by Ho… Continue reading

The Takhi Horse and Hustai National Park

Back to Mongolia for one final post about our trip (although I may have to do a special post about the dinosaur skeleton repatriation triumph, but I think I’ll save that for later…).… Continue reading

Decay and the city – Khartoum

Last weekend I went to an exhibit at Hanoi’s Goethe Institute – ‘The city – Becoming and Decaying’ – with 176 photographs displayed from cities around the world from the German photographer agency – OSTKREUZ. It… Continue reading

Turtle watching at Hoan Kiem Lake

Although I still have one or two more Mongolia posts, I feel I have been back in Hanoi too long now and both the hound and Hanoi have been neglected. Today is grey,… Continue reading

Wonderful Wildflowers of the Altai Mountains and Hustai National Park

Fly Fishing in Mongolia – the Altai Osman

My husband is a keen fly fisherman, never happier than when catching small stream brown trout on the Isle of Man on our brief visits to the Island. So fishing was pretty high… Continue reading

Horse Races and the last days in the Altai Mountains

First thing in the morning we headed up through the larch forests, across some meadows and into a beautiful alpine valley dotted with wildflowers such as gentians and pansies. When it got steeper… Continue reading

Great Gallops

We awoke to a beautiful cloudless day on one tree plain. Although we had about 40km to cover, at least we (and more importantly the horses) knew we were going ‘home’ or rather… Continue reading