Trying to make friends in Hanoi…

Tala’s biggest fear in Hanoi is not the traffic, the pollution, or the dog meat market – it’s Miniature Pinchers and Chihuahuas that pop out of alleyways and doors around the city. She… Continue reading

Spicy Italian Sausage Sauce with Penne Pasta

There was lots of excitement the other day when the KitchenAid mincer and sausage making attachment arrived in the mail. After three years in Sudan, we’ve been really enjoying having great pork here.… Continue reading

The Turtle of Hoan Kiem Lake

On a lunch time walk around the lake, the hound and I were reminded why one always needs to have a camera handy in Hanoi. A small crowd was gathering on the edge… Continue reading

Abandoned pools and random busts in downtown Hanoi

Back to Hanoi and a walk over to the first French Colonial University founded in 1926. ┬áSadly, it was a rather grey day, typical of winter here, but the empty sidewalks at Tet… Continue reading

Meweleh Market

Vietnam feels very far from Sudan when I look back at these pictures taken one year ago. Meweleh Market is a sprawling, barren spot just outside Omdurman. Despite being bereft of vegetation, it… Continue reading

Phu Quoc Island

The nice thing about living in a very long country is that to escape the drizzle and cold of Hanoi we just flew south for two hours to Phu Quoc, an island in… Continue reading

Hunting Helicopters

It’s tough trying to be a hunting dog when kept┬ápermanently on a leash, living in Hanoi. The chickens are always a temptation especially now that the evil rooster is gone… and treeing rats… Continue reading

An autumnal Hoan Kiem Lake

These are photographs I took of Hoan Kiem lake during the beautiful weather we had at the beginning of December. Sadly, I now have not seen the sun in three weeks, although Hoan… Continue reading

Sniffing out fakes

As Tala has spent more and more time in Vietnam, she has become very adept at spotting fakes. Tala sniffed out this one the other day and could confirm that it was indeed… Continue reading

French Colonial Architecture in Hanoi

The French were in Vietnam from 1873 until 1954, with Hanoi becoming the capital of French Indochine in 1887. While the old quarter was left intact as a distinctly Vietnamese part of the… Continue reading