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Happy Birthday Tala!

Today is Tala’s fifth birthday. In five years, the hound has accompanied us to four continents (Africa, Asia, Europe, and South America) and is with us in Quito, Ecuador – more about that soon.… Continue reading

Help a Nubian Hound win!

Dear followers – I need your help choosing a photo please! For the last two years, I have entered photographs of Tala for the Kennel Club ‘Dog Photographer of the Year Competition’. I figure it’s worth… Continue reading

Remembering Mongolia

Apologies for the long gap in posts. Lame excuses include another trip back to the UK and France, very slow internet especially on WordPress, and being surprisingly busy writing an article for a… Continue reading

Looking forward to London

I know I should be more Hanoi focused, but while it seems to have finally stopped raining the weather remains a bit sticky and grey and I fear we have skipped straight into… Continue reading

Thanh Chuong’s Viet Palace

On the same trip to the bears at Tam Dao we stopped at Thanh Chuong’s Viet Palace. It is a curious 2.5 acre haven of peace and quiet created by the famous Vietnamese… Continue reading

The Bear Sanctuary at Tam Dao

Last weekend we took a trip up to Tam Dao National Park about two hours Northwest of Hanoi. Photos from our past trip up to the old French hill station can be seen… Continue reading

The Booming Hanoi Dog Scene

Times are changing in Hanoi and the growing middle classes are going dog crazy. This is all the more remarkable because until 1984 it was illegal to own a dog as a pet.… Continue reading

Fishing for German Shepherds

Hanoi is a quirky place – you really do see something new every week, if not everyday. As I was cycling home around West Lake I chanced upon a very beautiful German Shepherd… Continue reading

Burma Part III: Rangoon

  We finally flew back to Rangoon for the last two days of our trip. Despite the very intense heat and sun we managed to wander around the city and enjoy the temples,… Continue reading

Burma (Myanmar) Part 1: Bagan

After arriving late in the evening to Rangoon (Yangon), we flew at the crack of dawn up to Bagan. Flying over the dry, dusty plains, the only hints of faded green were the… Continue reading