A Nomadic Six Months

A lot has been going on since my last post in February (excluding the happy birthday Tala post). So much that I haven’t found the time to work on my blog at all! A quick summary below with a smattering of photos to chronicle the last six months.

In March, we left Hanoi, our home for almost four years, to move back temporarily to the UK to our new flat in London. We left many friends as well as a remarkable city. I still have a lot of posts in the pipeline about Hanoi which I’ll have to come back to and write in due course. I also took quite a lot of GoPro footage on my motorbike which I need to edit and upload as it gives a sense of how frenetic the city is.

Tala made such an impact on Vietnam that she was memorialized on a Vietnamese stamp. Just kidding! As you can see the year is 1989 – but quite why they issued a stamp of a Pharaoh Hound in Vietnam remains rather unclear! IMG_7514

Back in the UK we were re-united with the hound who had spent a very cold winter with my parents.


Weekdays were filled with fixing up the flat, while weekends were crammed with seeing old friends and relatives. Tala also had her fifteen minutes of fame when she visited her portrait at the Kennel Club Gallery in Mayfair as part of the dog photographer of the year exhibition.

The Hampton Court area was a perfect place to enjoy spring with long walks with my son and the hound though Bushy Park, Home Park, and along the Thames.

In June we decamped to my brother’s house where we enjoyed the idyllic Oxfordshire countryside.

In July we headed to the Isle of Man to stay with my parents. Although the weather was typically mixed I managed to fit in lots of beautiful walks, the Tough Mann Race, and playing chukkas at the newly founded Triskelion Polo Club. 

Now we are in Quito, Ecuador – our new home for the next few years. I look forward to writing more posts from here as we get to explore Ecuador. To fit with the change of locale the blog is no longer the rather specific ‘Hound in Hanoi’ but ‘Travels with a Nubian Hound’. Below is Tala in her new high rise and high altitude home.