Wires Wires Everywhere



Hanoi’s tangled webs of wires are a quintessential part of the city’s character, bringing charm or chaos depending on your point of view.

Some examples from around Hanoi in the gallery below:

Hanoi’s crazy wiring system may have its roots in Vietnamese ingenuity and improvisation. A discontinued but brilliant blog called ‘The City That Never Sleeps In’ describes the phenomenon and even coins the word ‘negligenius’ which describes perfectly some of the amazing sights in Hanoi – electricity sockets from a poached wire float on trees, while water bottles cover live wires amongst other things.

The city has plans for all wires and cables to be moved underground by 2015, but so far I haven’t seen much progress. It’s a pretty laborious job judging by how long it took the wires on our street to be buried. For days the wires lay on the sidewalk, much to the hound’s distress as they blocked her usual route to the park.


Everyone seemed to carry on as usual though as if nothing was amiss, so as they began to stuff the wires little by little underground the hound too came to terms with it and just learned to make her daily jump over the jumble of wires.