A Surreal Sight – A Dane in Dar

Will and Eko’s recent post here about Penny’s (the new pup) encounter with a couple of Great Danes reminded me of a rather surreal moment while eating breakfast the morning after the wedding in Dar Es Salaam. All of a sudden, a Massai man strode past us nonchalantly with an enormous Great Dane. Massai being some of the tallest people in the world and Great Danes the tallest dogs this was quite a sight and a rather unexpected combination!


Of course I had to run over and say ‘hello’ being the crazy dog lady that I am.  He was very friendly, as I suspected he might be, even though I am sure he’s partly used by the hotel for his ‘guard dog’ look.


Of course perhaps tourists in Vietnam feel they’re having a surreal moment when they see two tays (Westerners) wearing polo hats whipping around Hanoi with their dog on the back of a motorbike….