Looking forward to London

I know I should be more Hanoi focused, but while it seems to have finally stopped raining the weather remains a bit sticky and grey and I fear we have skipped straight into summer. So instead of dwelling on the weather, I’m now getting myself all psyched up for a visit back to the UK next week! We haven’t been back in almost a year and I’m already getting excited about seeing friends and family as well as restaurants, walks, and museums. Fingers crossed that we get some good weather, although after a spectacular Spring last year it seem unlikely our luck will hold out. Here are some photos from last year’s visit to London which I never managed to post. I did however post some beautiful ones from the Isle of Man which you can see here.

Teddy in Bushy Park near Hampton Court

Teddy enjoying a swim out of central London at Bushy Park near Hampton Court Palace

A few buildings around London looking striking in the sun.

And of course the glorious parks looking so green – Hyde Park, Green Park, and St. James Park.