Falconry in Hanoi

A striking Black Shouldered Kite

A striking Black Shouldered Kite

Hanoi is a city full of avid bird enthusiasts. Very quickly I noticed there were bird cages everywhere with a variety of songbirds; Oriental White Eyes and Bulbuls being the most common. People hang them on their balconies or in trees by their cafes and there are also a lot of bird clubs. One will sometimes see rows of cages with their owners sitting below having motored over from around the city to socialize and let their birds sing together. I will do a post, once my collection of photos is better, but in the mean time I have noticed something almost more interesting; Vietnamese practicing falconry! I haven’t been able to find out much but there are clearly clubs as we have seen a little group who meet beside West Lake on Saturday mornings to share advice and practice flying their birds. There also appears to be a facebook page – Hanoi Falconry Club. It has some photos and more information if you can read Vietnamese!

A man and his

A man and his Kestrel


a hooded Buzzard

Black shouldered kite

A Black Shouldered Kite by West Lake

A and his barber owner

A Kestrel and his barber owner in the Old Quarter


A rather dorry looking buzzard at the bird market left with a chicken head to munch on...

A rather sorry looking buzzard at the bird market left with a chicken head to munch on…

I would really like to find out more about the practice of keeping birds of prey in Hanoi. Where are the young captured from? What do they eat? If you have any more information it would be great to hear from you!

They are beautiful birds, but presumably not best suited to city living….

Although at least they are all a lot smaller than this Golden Eagle which we saw in the Altai Mountains of Mongolia over the summer!

Piers holding a Golden Eagle in Mongolia

Piers holding a Golden Eagle in Mongolia

A mongolia and his beautiful Golden Eagle which was getting a bit grumpy!

The beautiful Golden Eagle started to get a bit grumpy with his owner after awhile…