Sunny walks over Tet


A girl playing in Lenin Park while her high-heeled mother waits.

Hanoi has once again been gripped by cold and grey weather, but last week, over Tet, it was unseasonably mild. Here are some photos from around Hanoi.

Another ‘you see something new in Hanoi everyday’ moment… A rooster on a perch.


A funky barber near the martyr memorial – a complete contrast from most barbers who are retired old men.

While Tala is usually a model dog citizen around Hanoi, her leash reactivity around our flat is something we are trying to work on. The usually mild-mannered sighthound turns into this angry, scared creature pictured below when a leashed dog walks down ‘her’ sidewalk by our flat. As you can see the dog is way down the road hence her standing up to see it better! Any tips on what best to do? p.s. food does not interest her a bit in these situations…

For the new year I’ve changed the ‘theme’ of my blog. I hope the new one works better to display my posts in a more clear and organized way. I have also entered the world of Instagram (please see the bar on the right) so please do follow me if you want to see more frequent photos of Tala or quirky things I see around Hanoi.

I hope everyone in Vietnam enjoyed the Tet holidays!