In Pursuit of Comfort (and Cashmere)


While I’ve been busy doing quite a bit of running recently, in preparation for the half marathon in Cambodia, the hound has been slightly less active…. She loves to run, but most of the longer runs entail going past territorial dogs so it is just not safe for her.

After having had a garden in Khartoum, she has settled into apartment life surprisingly well. We initially had a ‘no dogs on the sofa’ policy but that was quickly dropped when not being on the sofa meant she just spent more time looking for mischief – such as stealing socks. Luckily, she doesn’t shed or smell so it’s not the end of the world, especially if being comfortable keeps her out of trouble.


But recently she seems to have decided that the sofa alone isn’t comfortable enough. It began when she accidentally used a toy as a cushion…


She then realized she needed something more than a stuffing-less toy…

IMG_9481She started with one cushion – which she always positions and expertly fluffs up with some initial stamping using her paws. Soon she decided she needed more…


Most of the time she’s pretty content with two – but the other day I caught her with three! She clearly doesn’t appreciate that her one-eyed grandmother probably still lives on the streets of Khartoum in a sandy borough and her mother was never allowed in a house let alone on a sofa.


I have to admit this post runs very much a long the lines of Will and Eko’s previous post – ‘Confession: My dog is a pillow addict’ – about a lovely Rhodesian Ridgeback in Chicago. However, now that it is getting colder in Hanoi Tala has gone that little bit further. Cashmere. I can’t say that she wraps up by herself, but when left with a choice of the cashmere blanket from Mongolia or her own synthetic one – she’ll always choose the cashmere…