Morning Husky Hunting in Lenin Park

One of the surprisingly lucky things about Tala is that she loves sleeping in on the weekends. She doesn’t usually want to go out until at least 10 o’clock (incredibly convenient as we live in a flat). She just happily keeps snoozing while I have my morning coffee.


By mid morning she’s finally stretched and ready to go. Lenin park used to be very quiet at that time, until one day the Siberian Husky and Alaskan Malamute Club decided it would be the ideal time to let their dogs have a charge around. Now one section of the park must be approached with caution (in the eyes of Tala). Fifteen or so un-neutured males and unruly puppies romping around are not Tala’s idea of a fun Saturday. Although she hates making contact with them and find its all rather uncomfortable, she has decided that watching them from a safe distance is rather fun….


First she checks through the fence who might be lurking in her park…


Upon establishing that the huskies are there she nips around behind the statue of Lenin where she knows the hedge provides a nice little line of protection between her and the huskies. Of course she isn’t quite tall enough to keep an eye on them, so in typical primitive dog fashion she becomes momentarily bipedal so as to see them better. She can quite happily teeter around for several minutes looking surprisingly like a Gerenuk (well as much as a canine can…).



A very poor picture below of what she was after, or rather avoiding…