GoldMalt and Goats

GoldMalt – 34G Tran Phu, Hanoi

Czech style pilsner

GoldMalt is our local Czech beer hall situated just fifty meters down the road. The Czech beer halls are a rather peculiar phenomenon in Hanoi, probably linked to some Communist bloc connection in the past. I hope to find out more about their history another day and do a post on some of the other ones around town, but for now I’ll focus on our local.

It’s a pretty smelly place with a murky mix of spilled beer and cigarette smoke, but despite this, the golden pilsner is refreshingly delicious and always served in iced glasses. They also have a rich dark brown beer and a ‘special’, which as we discovered the other day, simply involves mixing the dark and light… They are a pretty friendly lot who let the hound inside, are happy to dole out VIP cards after only a couple visits, and allow one to take the beers out to the local Bun Cha and Pho Bo (click to see more). It’s also very cozy and rather pub like in winter.

They have a pretty extensive menu primarily involving sausages and grilled meats. Sadly, this little chap picture below was bound for the pot (or grill). At least you know their food is fresh, although it’s rather disconcerting for the hound that everyday there is a new potential friend tethered outside. Luckily, I don’t think she’s made the connection yet as to where they all go…

Doing a little sniff check of the goat’s remarkably similar ears

Head-butting was slightly less pleasurable and at this point she decided to continue on her way down to the park to find some same species friends who don’t have horns…

A morning hose down and ready for action from about 10am…