The Isle of Man – A respite from Hanoi’s heat

Castle Rushen and Castletown Harbour

Luckily, as the heat in Hanoi hit high 30s with oppressive humidity, it was time to go back home and visit my parents on the Isle of Man. Clear and cold air, wide open spaces along with virtually no noise has made it a welcome break. Although we have had some rainy days, when the weather is sunny it is stunning. Piers has been doing a lot of sea fishing and fly fishing on the rivers. On every walk I wish the hound could be with us, but she seems to be quite content kicking back and probably getting fat in Hanoi….

Tala relaxing in Hanoi

Scarlett Point


Gull’s eggs

Sea thrift

Castletown beach

Victorian houses on Castletown Beach and a sprightly Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Piers fishing

One of the pollocks he caught and released

Langness – sadly the site of several shipwrecks off its reef in the past…