Abandoned pools and random busts in downtown Hanoi

Back to Hanoi and a walk over to the first French Colonial University founded in 1926.  Sadly, it was a rather grey day, typical of winter here, but the empty sidewalks at Tet were a wonderful treat in a city which can usually be a bit tricky to walk in…

Families posing for New Year’s day photos in front of a rather disproportionately large Vietnam

On a street wall – little alters for ancestor worship lurk everywhere

Tala spots a pool and urges further investigation…

A strange abandoned pool in the city centre – almost as bizarre as the fact that we just wandered in…

The French Colonial University – built in 1926                                                                              Designed by Ernest Hebart – pioneer of Indochine Style

Alexandre Yersin – a bit of a legend who discovered the Bubonic plague and the site of Dalat. He was apparently loved by the Vietnamese so much so that his bust is found in a small triangular park. The area also has two other small triangular parks which contain the busts of Louis Pasteur and a random Cuban freedom fighter….

A vintage motorcycle club gathered outside of the Opera House

Lovely propaganda – celebrating 82 years of the Communist party

Thien Phuc Pagoda at night on Hai Ba Trung