A street dog in Hanoi

After formerly looking down her nose at street dogs in Khartoum (despite her own hazy origins), Tala has taken to spending much of her time lounging around on pavements here in Hanoi. The sights, smells, and eye level food – what’s not to love? As there are no health and safety rules cafes and street restaurants seem to have no problem. Bubblegum appears to be the only occupational hazard…. along with a few other things shown below… bizarrely motorcycles which so many expats love to complain about don’t bother her at all!

At her favourite spot – Hapro on Hoan Kiem

Pho Bo at breakfast

Problem no. 1 – Strange dogs in barber mirrors

Problem no. 2 Territorial cockerels

Problem no. 3 Plucky Pint sized Pinchers